Bradley Smoker 2nd Heating Element Modification

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Just finished modifying my Bradley Smoker (OBS) to use a 2nd 500 watt heating element which converts the OBS from a 500 watt smoker to a 1,000 watt smoker.  First let me say that this is NOT in any way sanctioned or authorized by Bradley Smoker, Inc.  You can visit OBS-Element-Modification to see the instructions that I used to modify my OBS.  Please read and understand the disclaimer which among other things states ” …  This article is for my own personal interest only. It is a step by step of how I modified my Bradley. Should you decide to make this modification you acknowledge all risks are solely yours. Again, if you decide to make this modification you do so at your own risk. … “.

WOOOOWZA  Shocked Shocked I be lovin’ that modified OBS.  Today’s ambient temp is nasty by our standards in the Central Valley of California – 54ºF, windy, and showers.  I feel for you guys in the blizzard areas and all our Northern neighbors.  I dare say that I am impressed with the 1,000 watt OBS controlled with an Auber PID.  Up to 250ºF temp in 20 minutes, recovery is fantastic, and no problems staying at ± 1ºF.

With the modified OBS, PID, and now an SRG in the family I’m ready to do some serious damage!!  Grin Grin

Here’s the money $$hot of the modified OBS test with a Spatchcock Chicken using 2 hours of Pecan at 250ºF.  Pulled the yard bird when the IT hit 165ºF in the thickest portion of the breast.  Rest assured that it tasted as good as it looks!!

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  1. scott minnie
    | Reply

    Were did you purchase your additional heating element for the bradley smoker.


    • smokerpete
      | Reply

      I purchased my additional heating element for the Bradley Smoker from Look under “Grilling & Smoking”/Smokers/Bradley Smokers. They have 3 pages of smokers, bisquettes, and replacement parts.

      Recommend 2 things if you’re going to modify your Bradley Smoker. First you should check out for step by step instructions on how to add a second heating element. Second, you will need to control your Bradley with a PID, BBQ Guru, or similar controller. You won’t be able to control your Bradley with the slider in the front.

    • Troy Hill
      | Reply

      I had an issue with my unit not heating past 200 even though it was on for about 4 hrs. I replaced the wiring all the power and ground wires from the power plug to the heating element. If you ask me the factory wire is way to thin for the job.
      I just finished it up today and turned it on and poof, no it didn’t blow up….lol But it did get to 211 degrees in about 5 minutes 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    What is a PID

  3. ScottR
    | Reply

    Is there anyplace that sells the smokers already modified with a second element? Or a kit with the required elements, high temp wire, etc.

    • smokerpete
      | Reply

      Not that I know of. I have not used my Bradley for a couple of years now cause I’m using my wood pellet smoker-grills and a Charbroil Infrared SRG. Over the years many people have asked Bradley to come out with a stronger unit but they have always refused to do so.

  4. Ron
    | Reply

    Is modifying a digital control Bradley smoker different?

    • smokerpete
      | Reply

      I have never used or owned a 6-rack digital smoker so not sure what heating element they use. But it’s my understanding that it’s still a 500 watt unit and the issues of temp control would be the same or worse because the 6-rack is physically bigger than the 4-rack unit. People have asked Bradley for years to come out with a 1,000 watt unit but alas that never happened.

      Remember that my post deals with adding a second element and is NOT sanctioned or authorized by Bradley. If you decide to make any modifications of your unit then you do so at your own risk

      The intent of the modification is not to go past the maximum 280ºF of the unit but to get to temp quicker, hold temp withing a few degrees, and the recovery time is fantastic.

      It’s important to remember that if you opt to modify your Bradley smoker than you MUST use an Auber PID to control the smoker. The digital controller is not designed to control the temps in a 1,000 watt unit – only in a 500 watt unit. Again – any modifications are done at your own risk … hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

  5. Egunman
    | Reply

    Any chance you have the second heating element write up somewhere there than the suggested link? It appears that site is no longer running.

  6. akadude
    | Reply

    I am also looking for a working link with instructions for adding a 2nd element to my OBS. Anybody have one?

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