Apple Smoked St Louis Style Ribs

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Picked up these racks of St. Louis Style ribs at Cash & Carry for $2.89/lb.  Not a bad price these days.  You should always remove the membrane on the back of the St. Louis Style Ribs.  Use a spoon to get it started working your way under the membrane.  Proceed by grabbing the membrane with a paper towel and it should  pull off easily.  The membrane is shown on the bottom left of the lower rack shown below.  The top rack still has the membrane attached.

Lightly dusted one rack with Fagundes Seasoning.  Vacuum sealed the other 2 racks individually and into the freezer for future use since one rack easily feeds the 2 of us.

Pre-heated the MAK 2 Star General Wood Pellet Smoker-Grill with Hickory wood BBQ pellets to 180ºF (smoke setting).  Smoked the St. Louis Ribs for 1 hour before bumping the temperature to 250ºF.  Kept the lid closed for 4 hours … You know what they say:  “If you’re lookin, you ain’t cookin”

Here’s how the St. Louis ribs look like after 5 hours.  Fully cooked but still needs that touch of BBQ sauce.

Pulled the ribs out, and slopped some Sweet Baby Ray’s Original BBQ Sauce on them.  If you like your ribs naked then just leave them in another 30 minutes and serve with BBQ sauce on the side.

Back into the MAK 2 Star for another 30 minutes.

The Money $Shot$… Half a rack of Hickory Smoked St. Louis Style Ribs served with Corn on the Cob …

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